Mr Overtime – Punks Jump Up

Punks Jump Up feat Dave 1/Chromeo – Mr Overtime from ChezEddy on Vimeo.

Produced by ChezEddy
Directed by Maxime Bruneel
Producers : Nicolas de Rosanbo, Jean-Francois Bourrel

The song is here :

Read the making of the project:

Full credits :
Label : Moda
Line Producer : Coline Six
Post-Production : Anne-Lise Mallard – Steven Ligot
CG Supervisor : Christophe Delamare
CG Artists : Jérôme Auffret, Maxime Granger, Fred Morteyrol, Laurent Davené
2D Supervisor : Tina Dardenne
2D Artists : Mathieu Ratier, Grégory Jaillard, Jérémy Macedo, Alrik Blöm, Mathieu Babin et Philippe Valette
Editing : Manuel Coutant (thanks @ChezLouis)


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