Sonic Riders

SonicFreeRiders bis

Doctor Eggman, disguising himself as a king, announces another World Grand Prix, and promises that the winners would receive cash and treasure. This time, he puts four teams into the race instead of two, to prove who is the best. However, his true motive is to gather data from all the players to program into his E-10000G robots. By the time the player characters complete their race, Eggman’s scheme is eventually revealed. However, after defeating Eggman, the player characters discover that the real mastermind is Metal Sonic, who has betrayed Eggman and copied each team’s data. Metal Sonic challenges the real Sonic to a final race, but loses and is forced to flee. Despite the fact that Eggman ripped them all off, everyone has enjoyed themselves (with the exception of Shadow and Rouge), and according to them, that is what matters.


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